Achieving gender equality
through beliefs & behaviors.

genEquality’s focus is on the beliefs + behaviors that underpin policy + practice, which is necessary work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
We have to work smart and work hard to get there.

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Because genEquality is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible.
Your donation to genEquality enables us to focus on creating change that lasts.

A few facts & figures:

  • $18 supports materials for a 200+ person Elect Broadly civic engagement event in key districts and swing states.

  • $42 covers 1 genEquality Hackathon participant’s registration cost.

  • $87 buys the necessary materials for an Elect Broadly voter registration and civic engagement event targeting unregistered voters in key states.

  • $125 supports our work to bring genEquality Hackathon events to rural areas of the United States.

  • $250 provides materials for 1 high school girls’ soccer team in the Equal Play Equal Pay campaign.

  • $750 supports a year-long Nudge Art print campaign promoting gender-equal behaviors at a university freshman dorm.

  • $1,000 supports 1 co-created Nudge Art mosaic installation in a middle school or high school.

  • $2,500 supports our work to bring genEquality Hackathon events to international refugee camps.

  • $5,000 supports 1 year of genEquality Activations educational workshops at a high school.

  • $10,000 supports a full year-long Nudge Art educational initiative + research in partnership with a high school or university.

Your generous support makes our work possible.