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We activate people

to achieve gender equality

through beliefs & behaviors.


our theory of change

Gender equality is
adaptive work.

Policy and process are very important, but we believe gender equality is ultimately about beliefs and behaviors.

We use behavioral research and creative design to promote small actions with big impact - changing hearts and minds.


What are the small actions with big impact?


Our 10 Activations

Driven by research, designed for everyone

genEquality 10 Activations.png

WHAT we do

We use art
and technology
to scale and create adaptive change.

Specifically, we design and install art pieces that promote and nudge people towards better behaviors and beliefs.

We also host global hackathons and inspire the development and use of technology and tools that advance gender equality.



Our Partners

We’re proud to have a range of partners in our work, including companies, nonprofits, government agencies, educational institutions, and global multilateral institutions. If you’re interested in exploring a Nudge Art initiative, Nudge Action workshop series, or other partnership opportunities with us, please reach out to us.

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