Proceeds benefit The Representation Project.

Proudly represent ALL of who you are.

You are not defined by the stereotypes of your gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or circumstance. You know that women thrive outside the bounds of limiting characterizations. You reject the antiquated definition of masculinity. You recognize the rights of gender non-conforming people.

Your lived experiences point to a broader narrative. You are a complex human being and capable of the full range of human possibilities. You defy narratives that would shrink you. You represent your truth and make space for others to represent theirs. You reach across differences to achieve your full human potential, and help others do the same.

Represent. Spread the message by wearing your values. 

*(Note regarding colors: For reasons we don't understand, "men's purple" and "women's purple" are different. Men's purple is closer to eggplant, and women's purple is bright purple. We realize the irony and see it as a case-in-point of why we exist.)

**(Note regarding fit: The women's fit run small. We recommend ordering 1-2 sizes up. If you are normally a small, we recommend ordering a large.)

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