Greet Neutrally (Kids Tees & Onesies)

Greet Neutrally (Kids Tees & Onesies)


Research studies show that gendered greetings lead to prejudice and bias among children. The common “hey guys!” is actual evidence of masculine default bias among adults. In drawing attention to gender, the greeter unconsciously plants the seeds for stereotypes and potential exclusion.

Gender is the only identity we use in greeting others. It’s already considered inappropriate to use race or ethnicity in greetings; why gender? Moreover, gender is a spectrum, and adapting our language is part of creating a more inclusive world. Greetings are an opportunity to highlight unity instead of difference.

Instead of saying “Hey, guys” or “Good morning, ladies & gentlemen” use “Hey, team”, “Hi, friends” or “Good morning, everyone.” This is an easy fix.

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