Clean Humor


Clean Humor


*Proceeds from this tee benefit Time's Up."

Sexist jokes aren’t funny. Racist jokes aren’t funny.

Humor can elevate, or it can devastate. The ability to make others smile and laugh is both powerful and precious. A derogatory joke may seem harmless, but it often has a lasting negative effect on others.

Don’t try to be funny at the expense of others. “Locker room” talk is not acceptable in any room. Speak up when you hear a joke that is sexist or derogatory towards women and minorities.

Clean humor. Spread the message by wearing your values. 

*(Note regarding colors: For reasons we don't understand or control, "men's purple" and "women's purple" are different. Men's purple is closer to eggplant, and women's purple is bright purple. We realize the irony and see it as a case-in-point of why we exist.)

**(Note regarding sizes: The women's tees run small. We recommend ordering 1-2 sizes up from your normal size. If you are normally a small, we recommend ordering a large.)

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