Nudge Art™ Research, Design, Costs, and More



Nudge Art™ is a research-backed, impact-oriented, measurable approach to diversity and inclusion. Inspired by ambient belonging research, Nudge Art™ incorporates the best of several disciplines – behavioral science, marketing, linguistics, data science, graphic design – in the creation and implementation of behavioral and beliefs-based nudges. One could think of Nudge Art™ as values-based advertising, where the “products” that we are promoting are inclusive culture, inclusive community, and inclusive behaviors.

Research shows that effective use of visuals can decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention. Nudge Art™ is not a substitute, but rather, a complement and continuation of people-oriented policies, practices, and processes. Nudge Art™ serves as cultural and behavioral reinforcement for de-biased recruitment processes, fair performance evaluations, promotions, pay practices, provision of family leave, attention to organizational culture, and beyond.

When Nudge Art™ is paired with lunch & learns, presentations, and leadership role modeling, the repeated mere exposure to the visual cues and messages will leave a positive and lasting impact on both company culture and individual employee behavior.


The Basics


Meets colleagues where they are - in lobbies, meeting rooms, common areas, and even on their laptops and mobile devices - and enhance their sense of belonging.


Once colleagues understand and internalize the messages in each art piece, routine engagement triggers small, but concrete, behavior changes.


Serves as daily visual cue, providing frequent, incremental reminders for colleagues to be conscious of ways to maximize workplace inclusion.  


In addition to art, communications, events, and workshops, we continuously collect data that allows us to quantify your growth and progress towards change. 


Nudge Art™ continuously primes people to use their individual power to advance diversity and inclusion through everyday behaviors, while enhancing their personal sense of physical belonging in an organization that is committed to diversity and inclusion. Over the course of your Nudge Art™ initiative, we also conduct surveys, interviews, and focus groups to put data behind your organization’s growth and progress in shifting in behaviors and beliefs. The data doesn’t just measure your progress and success; it also allows us to course-correct if necessary, while also contributing to the body of knowledge around best practices for positive behavior and belief change.

Nudge Art Custom Design Process

While we offer a set of off-the-shelf Nudge Art™, all framed Nudge Art™ pieces can be customized to fit your space and needs.

A custom Nudge Art™ design process involves setting a strong design foundation for your Nudge Art™ initiative. Our goal is to build a central unifying campaign in which all behaviors, actions, and communications are aligned, all while using an authentic and thoughtful approach to using your brand language. Custom design package pricing begins at $2,000.

Custom Design Process

Stage 1: Point-of-View
- Evaluation of client and goals
- Determine voice of the Brand

Stage 2: Moodboarding
- Design discussion
- Identify client’s aesthetic

Stage 3: Design Concepts
- Typography
- Color Palette
- Unique Layout

Stage 4: Select Design Direction
- Comments/feedback regarding concepts 
- Select design direction for Nudge Art™

Stage 5: Revisions
- Up to two rounds of light design edits 

Stage 6: Final Deliverables
- Supply client with Nudge Art™


Nudge ArtCosts & Sizes

Nudge Art Costs (image).png
Standard Nudge Art Sizes

Nudge Art Package Workshops

While Nudge Art can be a stand-alone product if you’re simply looking for a statement of values, it is most effective when paired with workshops and workplace initiatives that reinforce the research and action behind the messages.

Our team of behavioral scientists and strategists will gladly work with your team to design a Nudge Art roll-out plan that involves interactive workshops, events, skills training, and more for maximum impact.

The genEquality team offers an array of research-driven skill-building workshops and trainings, including:

  • Language + Gender: How to Talk Your Way Into Gender Equality

  • Leadership + Courageous Conversations: How to Lead Adaptive Change

  • Bystander Training: Actions Inform Culture

  • Comedy & Power: Clean Humor

  • Ambient Belonging: Maximizing Inclusion through Design


Workshop & Training Costs:

Up to 10 people:     $800

11-25 people:          $1,800

26-40 people:         $2,800

41-50 people:          $3,500

51-75 people:          $5,000

76-100 people:        $7,500

100+ people:            Price upon request