Nudge Art™ at Work

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Art that works.

Simple behavior changes, more inclusive work cultures.

What is it?

Bold, fun, engaging art installations that spark inclusive behaviors, communities, and cultures. Nudge Art™ is a research-backed, impact-oriented, measurable approach to diversity and inclusion.

Want accelerated, lasting impact? Build a full engagement program with our workshops and trainings.

Why does it work?


Inspired by ambient belonging research, Nudge Art™ incorporates cutting-edge best practices from behavioral science, marketing, linguistics, data science, & design.


Effective visuals that decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention.


Before, during, and after - we collect data to ensure successful progress in behavioral & belief shifts.


How does it work?

Nudge Art™ meets you where you are:

1 - Messages trigger small, concrete behavior shifts
2 - Inclusive behaviors are normalized, fostering ambient
3 - Empowered people enjoy a more inclusive workplace

How is it research-backed?

Ambient Belonging

Defined as the feeling of fitting into a certain environment; studies show people can decide to join a group based solely on exposure to that group’s physical environment. Your office’s interior design may be acting as a gatekeeper preventing talented candidates who don’t feel they fit in from even considering joining you.

Exposure to Nudge Art™ in your lobbies, kitchens, conference rooms, and more will foster a sense of belonging among different teams and levels of your organization.

Behavioral Science

Research shows that people can be primed into certain behaviors through simple cues that are visible and salient. Human behavior is also deeply impacted by social influences; people are more apt to do something:

  • when they declare an intention of doing it

  • when they know that others are doing it

  • when know it is the norm

Installing Nudge Art™ in your workplace will overtly promote positive behaviors, spark conversation, and signal to your colleagues that inclusivity is normative.

visual learning

Effective use of visuals decreases learning time, improves comprehension, enhances retrieval, and increases retention.

Bold colors. Clean lines. Succinct messages. These are just a few of the many ways Nudge Art™ is designed to convey simple, powerful ideas that will inspire action at your workplace.

Get Started

Choose Your Nudge Art™

from three options

Printed Nudge Art™ starting at $49

Simple and easy! Order these a la carte in six sizes, framed or unframed.

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Standard Nudge Art Sizes

(new!) Mosaic Nudge Art™ starting at $xx

Our newest art is tactile and interactive.


Custom Nudge Art™ starting at $2,000

Our most thoughtful, customized approach designed for and aligned to your organization in a multi-stage process:

Stage 1 // Point of View
Stage 2 // Mood boarding
Stage 3 // Design Concepts
Stage 4 // Design Direction
Stage 5 // Revisions
Stage 6 // Final Deliverables

Add Workshops


workshops & more starting at $800

Build a full program of learning and change with interactive workshops, events, skills training, & more such as:

  • Language + Gender: How to Talk Your Way Into Gender Equality

  • Leadership + Courageous Conversations: How to Lead Adaptive Change

  • Bystander Training: Actions Inform Culture

  • Comedy & Power: Clean Humor

  • Ambient Belonging: Maximizing Inclusion through Design


Up to 10 people:     $800
11-25 people:          $1,800
26-40 people:         $2,800
41-50 people:          $3,500
51-75 people:          $5,000
76-100 people:        $7,500
100+ people:            Price upon request

Track Your Progress

Data Collection + Reporting starting at $5,000

Get deep, lasting impact by tracking your progress before, during, & after with:

  • Baseline and follow-up surveys

  • Interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Diagnostic report

We know that no two companies are the same. When designing a program that fits you, we aim to ensure we are advancing equality and inclusion in practice, while also quantifying impact.

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